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Pennant Season 2021/22 begins Sat. 16/10, Wed. 13/10, Thur. 21/10, ….Click Here for Metro Calendar (Adobe Reader Required)

For pennant results go to the Metro Bowls portal.
For pennant season draw…Wednesday’s Draw…Saturday’s Draw…Thursday’s Draw.

In the 2021/22 season, Hawthorn Bowling Club will field 7 teams in the Saturday competition, 3 teams in the Womens’ Thursday competition, and 5 teams in the Wednesday competition.

Please read the following MBA ‘Conditions of Play’ with regards to pennants.

Dumping of bowls is a significant issue when playing on synthetic surfaces. Please read the HBC policy with regards to dumping of bowls. Click Here

Please read the following ‘Bowls Etiquette’ document with regards to pennants play. Click Here

For player selection guidelines : Click Here

Division Selectors and Teams for 2021/22

Chair of Selectors: B.Willcox
Division 1: A.Gebert & D.Niblett
Division 3: M.Vlachos
Division 4: A.Strudwick
Division 5: G.Rosser
Division 6: W.Tonkin
Division 6: R.Ellis
Division 7: R.Ellis

Chair of Selectors: B.Willcox
Premier : D.Niblett
Division 2 : A.Strudwick
Division 3 : G.Rosser
Division 4 : W.Tonkin
Division 4 : R.Ellis
Chair of Selectors: C.Keller
Premier: W.Clarke, A.Onto
Division 3 : B.Ploenges & K.McFarlane
Division 4: J.Kirk

Players Advocate: C.Edwardes, G.Giles

Coaching Panel: S.Grant, A.Onto, M.Vlachos, C. Keller, J.Shaw, J.Whittle, G.Alder