Club Tournaments

Internal Tournaments are held each year with Men’s singles starting in early October with sectional play. Other events are Women’s Singles, Men and Womens Pairs, Open Gender B Grade singles, Open Gender Two Bowl Singles and Mixed Pairs.

Finals for all Club Championship games will be held on Sunday 17th March 2024 from 1pm.

2023 Results
Open Gender 2 bowl runner up – Ron Zanker
Open Gender 2 bowl winner – Doug Richards
Open Gender B grade runner up – Bill Tonkin
Open Gender B grade winner – Grant Fisher
Womens pairs runner up -Teresa Hanel & Marilyn Gerlach
Womens pairs winners -Chris Keller & Trudy Howard
Mens pairs runners up -Brett Wilcox & Darren Niblett
Mens pairs winners -Michael Lodge & Alex Comey
Womens singles runner up – Anne Onto
Womens singles winner – Kathy Miller
Mens singles runner up- Grant Siegertsz
Mens singles winner- Darren Siegertsz
Mixed Pairs runner up – Pete Matthews & Kathy Miller
Mixed Pairs winners – Steve Packer & Trudy Howard
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External Tournament Program 
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