Hawthorn Bowling Club is celebrating its 7 Premiership wins for season 2023-4

A record 13 of 15 sides were in the finals series and were able to enjoy and gain valuable finals experience.

An outstanding result for the women.  Three of 3 sides in the Women’s Pennant competition finished top in their division and all three divisions secured premiership wins with convincing margins.  Premier, Div 3S and Div 3E.

Of the 7 sides playing in the Open Saturday Pennant, 5 finished in the top 4 and 3 secured premiership wins.  Division 1, 6E and 6S.

Of the 5 sides competing on Wednesday, 4 were in the finals.

Our club would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who facilitated this success.

Christine Keller 
Chair of Competition