Christmas Raffle Draw

Thank you to members and sponsors for the many items you contributed for our Christmas Raffle prizes. In particular we would like to thank Cimarosti Bros Colonel Light Meat and Small Goods for the ham in prize 1, Grace Selected for the pearls in prize 2, and Udder Delights for the cheese included in many of the prizes.  Thank you also to our members many of whom purchased one or more books of tickets.

It was a full house for the drawing of the raffle with nibbles generously donated by the club and assembled by Ethel, Carol C and Penny.  Thank you.

Prize Winners

  1. Stephen Bougourd
  2. Fiona Mc Gregor
  3. Tait Jenkin
  4. Ian Oliver
  5. Vince Lamond
  6. Ian Fyfe
  7. Murray Evans
  8. Steve Moloney
  9. Trudy Howard
  10. Jodie Summut
  11. Myra Materne
  12. G Talbot
  13. Marie Stevens
  14. Dani (Daughter of Trevor Chant)
  15. Christine Keller
  16. Steve Johnston