Christmas Raffle Results

The Hawthorn Bowling Club SPONSORS and Members Raffle was drawn on Friday Night at our Annual Christmas Dinner, which was attended by 97 people.

On behalf of the Events committee, I would like to thank the Sponsors and the Members for their donations and support.

It was a great success, with lots of happy winners, who have all been notified.

Below is a list of the winners.

Hawthorn Bowling Club SPONSORS Raffle Winners

Cimarosti Bros – Steve Davies

TA Vouchers – Elaine Deakin

Tempa – Peter Cosercas

Tanner Real Estate – Peter Elleman

Adelaide Cemeteries – Ian King

Hi-line Home Modifications – Hose Reel – Jock Jarrett

Goodlife Healthclubs – Mitcham – Steve Packer

Members Raffle- Winners

  1. Bob Wadsworth
  2. Bill Booker
  3. Jill Scott
  4. Maggie Ragless
  5. Joy Kirk
  6. Bev Gregory
  7. Dave Badenoch
  8. Trudy Howard
  9. Dhana
  10. Steve Davies