Winter Bowls has Commenced

Our Winter bowls program has started. We are operating subject to rules established by the SA Government so the following is how we plan to run the Saturday and Wednesday sessions:

1.   Vic Magoch is the man in charge so if you are looking to play you need to ring him. Phone nominations will be accepted from 10:00 am and close by 11.30am each Saturday and Wednesday so Vic can plan the games. Club phone 83578250 or Vic’s mobile  0437975353. Registration fee is $8 payable at the door.

  1. The games will start at 12 midday.
  2. Soup Kitchen.    Soup and crusty bread will be served until 11.30 am and you are asked to order when you book your place with Vic. (Marilyn’s home made Thai Pumpkin Soup this week. Yummy!)
  3. Numbers are limited to 40 so the first 40 to contact Vic will get a guernsey.
  4. The current plan is to play 2 games of 3 bowl pairs, each of 13 ends, with no tea break between games. The usual fun and frivolity will take place in the clubrooms after the games are complete. The bar will also be open so you can catch up with friends who have been hibernating too.
  5. Tea and coffee will be available before the games but not afterwards.
  6. We are not supposed to have common watering facilities so please bring your own water bottle. No need to leave the bottle after the game as we have plenty in Lost Property already!
  7. We will have two areas in the clubhouse separate from each other. We are allowed to have 20 members in each area so please stick to that. Each table will seat 4 members and again, we would ask you to adhere to that layout. Anybody caught moving a chair will be asked to disinfect all kitties and mats after the games!
  8. Safety instructional posters will be placed around the clubhouse. I know you have all seen these before (assuming you have left your house at any time in the last two months) but please be aware and play by the rules. There will also be markings at strategic places on the floor so we can maintain social distancing. Please do your best to comply.
  9. Hand sanitiser will be available at all entrances and you are asked to use it before and after your games.
  10. Come and support your club.  However, we all need to be vigilant and look after each other to beat this virus!

Remember – if you are unwell do not come.