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Pennant Season 2017/18 begins Wed. 4/10, Thur. 5/10, Sat. 7/10. ....Click Here for State Calendar        (Adobe Reader Required)

In the 2017/2018 season, Hawthorn Bowling Club will field 7 teams in the Saturday competition, 3 teams in the Womens' Thursday competition and 5 teams in the Wednesday competition.

Please read the following messages from MBA with regards to pennants Pennant Breaks...Pennant Times

Selection Committee and Draw for 2017/2018

Click Here for Hawthorn Teams Draw

Day Division Selectors Draw
Saturday Division 1 S.Grant, M.Lodge Div. 1 Draw
Division 3 South J.Philpott, B.Leslie Div. 3s Draw
Division 4 East R.Geelan Div. 4e Draw
Division 5 East A.Harris Div. 5e Draw
Division 6 East L.Slattery Div. 6e Draw
Division 6 Central L.Slattery Div. 6c Draw
Division 7 East A.McTaggart Div. 7e Draw
Wednesday Premier S.Grant, M.Lodge Prem. Draw
Division 3 East J.Philpott, B.Leslie Div. 3e Draw
Division 3 Central A.Harris Div. 3c Draw
Division 3 East C.Williams Div. 3e Draw
Division 4 East A.McTaggart Div. 4e Draw
Thursday Premier W.Clarke,J.Whittle,A.Onto Prem. Draw
Division 2 South P.Cook Div. 2s Draw
Division 4 South P.Cook Div. 4s Draw

Chair of Selectors: Graham Dodd

Players' Advocate: Graham Giles

Committee Roles and Responsibilies

Committee Chair;Side Prep.,Send out and Weekly Notes: Graham Dodd

Weekly Practices: Steve Grant

Club Coaching: Steve Grant and Coaching Panel(Manual Vlachos)

Trial Games Schedule: Steve Grant, Graham Dodd

Voting Slips and Statistician: William Booker

Taylors Cup Co-ordinator: Rob Geelan

Wednesday MBA Side Entry and Results: Tom Rushton

Thursday MBA Side Entry and Results: Lesley Slattery

Saturday MBA Side Entry and Results: Leanne Owen

Umpires, Measurers and Markers Co-ordinator: Anne Linnett

Greenkeeper Liason: Michael Lodge

Rotations Schedule: Alan Harris and Graham Dodd

Afternoon Teas: Lesley Slattery

Unavailable Players: Graham Dodd

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