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Pennant Season 2017/18 begins Wed. 4/10, Thur. 5/10, Sat. 7/10. ....Click Here for State Calendar        (Adobe Reader Required)

In the 2016/2017 season, Hawthorn Bowling Club fielded 7 teams in the Saturday competition, 2 teams in the Womens' Thursday competition and 5 teams in the Wednesday competition.

Pennant Team Results for 2016/2017

Day Division Position
Saturday Division 1 5th
Division 2 10th
Division 4 East 7th
Division 5 East 4th
Division 6 South 7th
Division 7 East First
Division 7 South West 9th
Thursday Premier 8th
Division 2 South 2nd
Wednesday Premier 6th
Division 3 East First
Division 3 West 6th
Division 3 East 10th
Division 4 South 10th
penmen penladies
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